Light Therapy PDX





Paula loves sharing her experience with these life changing modalities and opened her new practice in March of 2018. She is fully operational and accepting new clients. Her goal is to help others who, like herself, have found themselves to be therapy resistant. She hopes to help others gain optimal health and take back their lives through the healing of light and sound.

Paula offers body work using light and sound healing; practicing energetic clearing by utilizing these frequencies. The two modalities she works with complement each other very well as they are both based on the meridian pathways and aim to clear any blockages in the channels, restoring balance in the body.

Energetic Light Balancing

2 hours

During your initial session I will assess your health history and any physical, emotional or psychological concerns you may have. Your body is much like an onion, revealing layer by layer where it is storing discord. My job will be to peel back these layers and attempt to bring your energetic body back into harmony.

First, I will address six specific points on your hands. This will inform me whether your electrons are turning in the opposite direction from which they are designed to turn. In Biontology, we call this spin inversion, often referred to as reverse polarity. Based on my findings, I will address this polarity with the direct application of light. This will allow the energy in your body to flow more smoothly.

Secondly, I will apply light directly to any internal or external scars you may have. Often, scars cross meridian channels creating a road block. This will open the channels, assisting communication along these pathways.

Thirdly, I will apply light to your head and neck to clear any energetic separation of the brain and body or, as referred to, energetic whiplash. I will then spend the next 90 minutes assessing and balancing the meridian pathways in your body and working on any energetic disturbances I find. These could be anything from detoxification, chronic illness, childhood illnesses and vaccinations to environmental toxins, heavy metals, fatigue, brain fog, emotional, psychological or spiritual disturbances. Light can work in the body to create harmony against these and other maladies that allow the body to restore its own capacity to heal.

Each following session generally lasts 2 hours or less. My recommendation is to follow up with two sessions no more than 1 week apart.


Injury Remedy Application

30 mins

If you are suffering from pain related to your joints, muscles, tendons, bones or ligaments I will apply specific topical remedies to these areas. This will reduce swelling, pain and discomfort and is highly affective.


Sound Healing Body Work

60 mins

As a student of Acutonics and sound therapy, I offer 1-hour sessions based on what is taking place energetically, emotionally and spiritually within your body. I will then determine what the optimal treatment is for you.

During this session I will be utilizing the planetary frequencies of tuning forks to balance your body. The application of specific frequencies to the body can create harmony between the organ systems, chakras and emotional body. This session will balance, tone, and strengthen your body by creating an environment for deep relaxation and regeneration.