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Electron Spin Inversion

Written by Paula London, June 5, 2018

In the practice of Biontology a client can experience a variety of the following symptoms:

• Fatigue     • Depression     • Anxiety     • Disorientation     • Brain Fog     • Poor Mental Clarity     • Insomnia     • Sleeplessness     • ADD/ADHD     • Auto-Immune disorders     • Thyroid Issues     • Clumsiness     • Constipation      • Digestive disorders or IBS

The practitioner may find that the client, after trying multiple therapies, is finding no relief for their symptoms and has become therapy-resistant. This is often due to Electron Spin Inversion.                         

What is Electron Spin Inversion?

Inside every atom there is a nucleus with an electron spinning around it. Extensive exposure to external electro- or geomagnetic magnetic fields, changes in the earth's field, radiation from the sun, changes in elevation or chronic stress can upset the polarity inside the atom causing the electrons to spin in the opposite direction. This causes the flow of energy in the body to reverse.

When the electrons are no longer spinning in the direction they were designed to, the body will begin working against itself. It will expend energy faster and will work harder to accomplish basic tasks such as temperature regulation, metabolism, regulating heart rhythms and breathing. If this is chronic, the body’s natural ability to heal itself will be suppressed. Recovery from things such as exposure to viruses, bacteria, food-poisoning, environmental toxins or heavy metals will become much like a fish swimming upstream. 

As a practitioner, with the use of the Chiren, I can measure specific acupuncture points that correlate to Electron Spin Inversion. If I find the client to be in spin, I will attempt to change the polarity that will allow energy in the body to flow freely once again.