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Meet Paula London, of Light Therapy PDX

Paula London, of Light Therapy PDX

As a teenager Paula London began to embrace a passion for wellness through food. Her father was a chef and she spent her early years learning from him. Along with her interest in food, she also began to ask questions of her father and step-mother about Eastern medicine, homeopathy and naturopathy. Fast forward 20 plus years and she has come full circle in her personal life by using food as medicine, utilizing and advocating for natural medicine and practicing subtle energy body work.

Several years ago, London found herself on a path to self-recovery.

Not feeling optimal and knowing that wellness was a goal and a necessity, she sought out many alternative healing modalities. She had symptoms that were challenging to label as they were hard to pin down to any one category as defined by Western medicine. On any given day she experienced ringing in her ears, dizziness, disorientation, heart palpitations, extreme fatigue and general malaise. Referencing Western medicine these symptoms didn’t add up to any one definition.

With knowledge gained from her youth, London began to research her symptoms. She discovered that many people experienced ringing in their ears from Wi-Fi signals. This seemed unusual so, to put it to the test, she began to turn off Wi-Fi when it wasn’t being utilized. During those periods of inactivity her ears stopped ringing and she found relief from her dizzy spells. Unfortunately, her symptoms did not fully subside and began to steadily worsen.

While awaiting the building of a new home she and her family had moved into an apartment complex and it was during this time that her symptoms became debilitating. The negative effects of her health began to spill over into her personal and family life and she realized that it was vital to address the issue.

She sought out the advice of a local building biologist[1]. Upon testing completion, the report of the apartment and surrounding environment showed extremely high levels of EMFs. The three categories included: magnetic fields (from high tension power lines behind the building), electromagnetic radiation (from Wi-Fi in neighboring apartment units and hundreds of Smart Meters on the building and surrounding buildings[2]) and finally, dirty electricity (found in the walls of the apartment unit). The completed test results proved such high fields that, according to building biologist standards, no one person should be exposed to these levels of radiation for longer than 2 weeks.

London continued searching for something, anything, that would give her back her health. She began working with a chiropractor, a naturopath and an acupuncturist and started using various homeopathic medicines, Chinese herbs and other supplements. This brought temporary relief, but her symptoms continued to plague her. One afternoon, sitting in her car at a Trader Joes 3-miles from her house, she realized she couldn’t remember how to get home. It became clear to her that she could not continue to live like this anymore.

The day following this disorienting experience London remembered a dear friend mentioning a modality called Biontology. It had been a few years prior and she recalled being intrigued by the healing possibilities of this. A local Google search found a practitioner located a few miles from her in Vancouver, WA. After a short phone call, she felt encouraged that this could possibly be the solution to her failing health. After three short visits she began to feel significantly better. In fact, her symptoms had decreased a good 25%. In her mind this was exceptional. She was feeling better, having fewer dizzy spells, sleeping again and regaining energy little by little. Amazed by her experience, she began to delve into how this modality worked and hoped to learn as much as possible about it.

Her mentor generously began to share her years of experience and extensive knowledge with London, eventually resulting in an internship. London has completed her Level I course with a former instructor of the Institute for Applied Biophoton Science as well as her advanced course levels through an online platform with the same instructor.

Please see p.32 of below article for more information on Sound Healing:

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